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How To Use Elemental Sight In Genshin Impact




How To Use Elemental Sight In Genshin Impact

Elemental Sight is a very common and useful technique in the Genshin Impact game, with the help of which you will easily be able to scan the complete area and can find if there is any loot or potential danger nearby.

Even you will be able to track footprints And there are many players in the game who don’t actually how they can use the technique or if people are using this they are not taking full advantage of the technique.

But if players know how to perform this technique then there are lots of different things that will become very easy for them like it will make the quest very easy for them, other than that will also be able to find the hidden places in the game.

You can easily use this technique on any device like PC, Mobile, Consoles, and any other and now let’s see how you can perform this technique easily. Also, you can use this technique all over the Genshin Impact world without any difficulties once you get to know how to use that. And you do not have to do much in order to activate the technique you are just one step away from that.

How To Use Elemental Sight In Genshin Impact On Different Devices

How To Use Elemental Sight In Genshin Impact On Different Devices

Below you can see how you can activate the technique on different devices like PC, Mobile, Consoles, and others.


To activate Elemental Sight on your PC you just have to press your middle mouse button and it will be activated now you can easily do all the things with this awesome technique.

On Mobile

On the screen of your smartphone, you can see an Elemental Sight button next to the minimap placed on the right side simply hit that option.

On Console

By just holding L1 + D-Pad Left you will easily be able to activate the Elemental Sight on your consoles.

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