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How To Lower Water in Vanarana Cave in Genshin Impact

There are various places in the game where you will need to lower the water and Vanarana Cave is one of them so here we will see how to do that.




How To Lower Water in Vanarana Cave in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Developers have made the game an actual open-world game and the world is so big that you have got lots of different places to explore and different areas have their own pros and cons.

As many caves have high water levels where if you want to go and explore then you first have to make the water levels of the particular caves lower and then only you will be able to do that.

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How To Lower Water in Vanarana Cave

How To Lower Water in Vanarana Cave
Source – Genshin Impact

So there is a prerequisite in order to complete this quest and that is Aryanka quest and you have to complete the particular quest before you can perform this task. So as soon as you will enter the cave you will find yourself tackling some attacks from the red plants inside the cave.

And you have to destroy those plants and for that the best character would be the bow character as it can hit the enemies from far but you first have to summon dendrograna and then you use charge attack to kill those enemies.

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Dendro Totem

After killing the enemies you will find a Dendro Totem near a dendrograna summon it and hit the Dendro Totem with a charge attack that will then make the water level of cave lower.

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