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How To Level Up Adventure Rank Genshin Impact



How To Level Up Adventure Rank Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a very famous and amazing game, with so many interesting features, questlines, and domains but all these amazing features will open after a certain level of Adventure Rank.

There are many players in the game who do not have many things to do in the game as they have very low adventure rank, and with the growing adventure rank, you need more adventure exp in order to level up in the game.

And that’s why we have provided the strategies with the help which you will be able to increase your adventure rank quite quickly. One more thing that you must not expect a sudden jump in the EXP, but you use some of the strategies that are not time consuming and at the same time gives you good rewards let’s see them.

How To Level Up Adventure Rank Genshin Impact?

Use these strategies and level up you adventure exp in the Genshin Impact game.

Complete Quests

How To Level Up Adventure Rank Genshin Impact

Completeing Quests is a great way in order to get some good amount of adventure exp although it takes far more time than other strategies but completing quests will also give you some great rewards other than the exp. Archon Quest, Story Quest, World Quest and many more quests are there that you can complete earn good exp.

Defeat Bosses

If you tired completing quests then defeating the bosses can be a great option for you in order to earn form 100 up to 300 adventure exp. So for that you have to open the Bosses tab in your Adevnture Handbook and then you have to select the boss that will give you adventure exp when you defeat him.

There are different level of bosses like from low level to medium level and then high level bosses, where defeating low level boss will give you 100 adventure exp, then defeating mid level boss will give you 200 adventure exp and hunting a high level boss will provide you 300 adventure exp.

Also you can respawn the bosses and can gain more adventure exp from them, if you able to invest Original Resin you can more and more adventure exp from single boss.

Complete Daily Commisions

One of the best ways to gain exp is completing daily commissions, as it gives you good amount of exp without investing lots of your time, so can can easily find the daily commissions on your adventure handbook. You will get four daily commission that you have to complete in order to gain exp.

Commisions can be different tasks like defeating enemies or collecting some particular items, and completing single commission will give you 200 exp and if you complete all the commisons you will also get 500 bonus exp.

Clear Domains

Before you proceed in the game make sure you look up the bounties in your Adventurer’s Handbook as it is depends on the individual as how much you will get.

The first will get open at the 12th level and its rewards can range between 200 to 5oo adventure exp, and only once you can get the reward.

Find and Unlock Teleport Waypoints

If you do not mind investing your time then this can be a great way for you to gain some good amount of exp by unlocking different Teleport Waypoints. But you need to explore through the map which need lots of time.

So when you do not have the option of daily commissions or other thing so at that time you can use this method to gain adventure exp.

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