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How To Get Dango Milk In Genshin Impact?



How To Get Dango Milk In Genshin Impact?

You can get a full guide for “How To Get Dango Milk In Genshin Impact” from here. You can easily get Dango Milk with the help of the simple steps mentioned below.

What is Dango Milk?

Dango Milk is a Food item in the game. This item is used as a healing and you can set a limit on in a day. Dango Milk is a creative snack made with the adding sticky Dango to milk. If you drink too much Dango Milk then you might lose your appetite.

How To Get Dango Milk In Genshin Impact?

City of Inazuma

Dango can be only found in the City of Inazuma. You can find an NPC called Tomoki who is a Street Food Vendor in Inazuma. The shop of Tomoki is located towards the North of the City. Purchase the Dango Milk for 1500 Mora from this Street Food Vendor, twice a day. This is the single method to get it in the Genshin Impact.

To buy the food item once you reach Inazuma City, first, you need to unlock Tomoki. You can unlock Tomoki after completing Act I of Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest, Reflections of Mortality.

What is the benefit of Dango Milk?

Dango Milk has healing properties and this item is also the sweetest food in Genshin Impact. You can use Dango Milk to heal up to 26% of the Max HP of the selected character and will regenerate 570 HP every 5 secs for 30 secs.

We hope the “How To Get Dango Milk In Genshin Impact” guide will help you to get this sweetest food of Genshin Impact. If you are still facing to get the Dango Milk then comment us below we will help you to get it.

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