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How To Complete Even Beast Stumble Quest In Genshin Impact

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind in order to complete Even Beast Stumble Quest you first have to complete the Sumeru Archon Quest and then only you will obtain this quest.




How To Complete Even Beast Stumble Quest In Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

The first step to completing this quest is we need to teleport to Yasha monument and we have also provided the amp with the marked location above that will make the things easy for you so just see the map and reach the location.

Once you have reached the location you have to travel a bit and glide down and you will find a NPC there who is being attacked by the enemies and as you reach the NPC the enemies will start attacking you and you have to kill all the enemies.

After defeating all the enemies you have to talk to the NPC, and then you have to move toward the area that is being marked by the NPC and that you can find towards the north direction.

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Even Beast Stumble Quest

Even Beast Stumble Quest
Genshin Impact

So you will find some hilichurls around a Sumpter Beast who have to defeat and after that talk to NPC and you have to go to your second quest location and the you have to give the peach and harra fruit to elber.

The Zaytun Peach is the fruit of forest shrud and its flesh is firm and sweet and gives a calming effect on the mind of the person having the fruit.

Where as Harra Fruit grows in the hot humid and has a great spicy aroma and it is also considered as the most valued spice plant in Sumeru.

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