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Genshin Impact: How To Activate Starshroom

Want to know how to activate the Stashroom in Genshin Impact then check out the below article.




Genshin Impact How To Activate Starshroom

Genshin Impact has recently published its 3.0 update, including many different quests, items to collect and various achievements. The content they have created newly is really very engaging and fun too.

And you will find lots of new areas to explore but at the same time you also need to be careful because of the enemies whom you have to face but if you want to know about immense popularity then you need experience the things.

So one of our mission in the game is to activate the stanshroom and without any further let’s check out the things.

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How To Activate Starshroom

How To Activate Starshroom
Genshin Impact

So the first thing you have to do is visit the place that we have shown in the above image and that is place where you can find the stashroom.

Activated Stashroom
Genshin Imapct

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Stashroom is basically a golden flower that you can find scattered all over the area and you have to turn them into activated stashroom.

Activated Stashroom
Genshin Impact

And once you find a Stashroom your next task is to change the normal stashroom into activated stashroom and for that you have to use electro element but there is something more than activated stashroom and that is scorched one and for you have to use pyro element on the activated one.

So that’s it and hope you get complete information on how to change stashroom into the activated and pyro one.

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