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Courage is in The Heart World Quest | Sumeru Hidden Quest Genshin Impact

In order to accept Courage is in The Heart World Quest you first need to complete the Static Views quest and here we have shared the complete guide regarding the quest.




Courage is in The Heart World Quest
Genshin Impact

So you first have to reach the southwest of Mawtiyima and you have to teleport to LOKAPALA JUNGLE, so once you reach the Mawtiyima forest you have to head towards the southwest by gliding.

So while you are on your way you will find a house below you and you have to land there and then you have to go closer in order to trigger the quest.

And now you have to go inside the house and other you will find a note and you have to interact with the “Inconsistently written notes”.

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Courage is in The Heart World Quest

Sumeru Hidden Quest Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

So you can find two stars on your map and one of the stars is on the road and you have to go southeast towards this road and you will find a cave entrance over there while you are on your path you will find some enemies whom you can ignore and keep moving.

Once you find the cave entrance you will then have to follow the cave path and you will be able to find the Arashakun in need of help. But before you can help Arashakun you will have to defeat hydro slime which is quite easy to defeat if you are well prepared.

After that talk to Arashakun and he we will then ask you to give her a Florescent Talisman that woven with the childish skills. After that you have to go deeper into the cave by going to north side and other you have to activate the plant using the Dendro Element.

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Now you have to swing your way toward the top of the giant Fluorescent Mushroom and there you will enemies wave and you have to defeat all the enemies up there and finally finish the dialough with Arashakun to obtain the rewards and achievement.

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