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All Hidden Shop Locations In Sumeru | Genshin Impact 3.0

Check out all the hidden shop locations in Sumeru that are hidden on the map where you can buy lots of amazing items like recipes, materials, foods and lots of other stuff.




All Hidden Shop Locations In Sumeru

1- Rama Spice Merchant

Rama Spice Merchant

From Rama, you will be able to buy Spice x 540, Sugar x 450, Butter x 270, Cheese x 420, Salt x 60, Pepper x 80.

2 – Butrus (Fishmonger)


You can get Fish x 240, Crab x 240, Shrimp Meat Butrus x 120.

3 – Jahangir


From Jahangir, you can get Recipe: Panipuri x 2500, Recipe: Curry Shrimp x 2500, Masala Cheese Balls x 2025, Panipuri x 1725, Potato Boat x 7125

4 – Qiuwei


From Quiwei you can get Crystal Chunk x 1500, Cor Lapis x 1000, Noctilucous Jade x 1000, Silk Flower x 1000.

5 – Babak


From Babak, you can get Philanemo Mushroom x 1000, Dandelion x 1000, Violetgrass x 1000, Quingxin x 1000, Naku Weed x 1000, and Sango Pearl x 1000.

6 – Pam


From Pam, you can get Fish x 240, Crab x 240, Seagrass x 240, and Shrimp Meat x 120.

7 – Hamawi


From Hamawi you can get Harra Fruit x 240, Zaytun Peach x 240, Salt x 60, Pepper x 80, Onion x 80, Milk x 100, Tomato x 120.

8 – Afshin


From Afshin you can get Adventurer’s Golden Goblet x 2000, Adevnturer’s Tail Feather x 2000, Adventurer’s Bandana x 2000, Adventurer’s Flower x 2000, Adventurer’s Pocket Watch x 2000.

9 – Jut Spice Merchant

Jut Spice Merchant

From Jut you can get Tahchin x 6600, Biryani x 12500, Spice x 540, Harra Fruit x 240, Padisarah x 1000.

10 – Aravinay


From Aravinay you get Tale of the Forest King, Tale of the Desert, Tale of the king’s Squire, Tale of the Moonlight, Tale of the Portent.

11 – Aramani


From Aramani you can get Sunsettia x 170, Harra Fruit x 240, Zaytun Peach x 240, Rukkhashava Mushrooms x 1000, Kalpalata Lotus x 1000.

12 – Ashpazi


From Ashpazi you can get Mushroom Hodgepodge x 1650, Delicious Pita Pocket x 5550, Spice x 540, Raw Meat x 240, Foul x 240, Bird Egg x 00, Rukkhashava Mushrooms x 1000

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