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How To Get Unbanned From Fortnite

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How To Get Unbanned From Fortnite

If you are searching for How To Get Unbanned From Fortnite then chances are you have to get banned from Fortnite so don’t hear we have shared all the information regarding your question so just relax and read the complete article to get the complete information regarding the Fortnite Bans.

Types Of Fortnite Bans

Fortnite is a very popular online game that was played by millions of players on daily basis from all over the world and Fortnite is also very strict when it comes to cheating and all. So basically Fortnite imposes two kinds of bans which are Temporary Ban and the other one is Permanent Ban. Temporary Ban can be up to 30 Days and you can play again after the bans while the Permanent Bans are forever.

So if you faced any of the bans then you must be wondering whether is it possible to play the game, so let me tell you that it completely depends on what kind of ban has been imposed on you. So let’s don’t lose hope and find out the solution.

How To Get Unbanned From Fortnite

So the first thing you can do is simply approach Fortnite and appeal to them to unban you with the genuine reason but as you know they have users in millions which means so many users appeal to them and that’s why there is no guarantee that this method is going to work.

So to do that you have to visit their contact page and you have to mention all the details like your email that you use for the game, your game id, username so that they can take a look at your account and if all is good can unban you.

So that is about the Temporary and Permanent ban but some types of bans are account ban, IP ban, and HWID ban.

Fortnite Account Ban

So if they have banned your account then you have no other option than to create a new account and start playing again and also you have to achieve all things again.

Fortnite IP Ban

If you have faced a Fortnite IP ban then you have something to do, here you can use a Premium VPN that will help you to spoof your IP but not VPN can help you with the IP spoof but only a few premium VPN have this option and for that, you can use Nord VPN premium version which provides great features.

Fortnite HWID Ban

This is also a solvable thing but very tough as in this process you have to spoof your HWID which if not done correctly can harm your PC and there are lots of content is available on the internet related to HWID Spoof.

So getting unbanned from Fortnite is not easy in any way so the better is to play carefully and do not use any kind of behavior which can harm you. You can keep yourself away from any kind of Mods and also do not post any kind of inappropriate posts.

So we hope we have provided you with all the information regarding how to get unbanned from Fortnite and if you still have any kind of questions do ask us in the comment section.

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