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Fortnite Hide And Seek Codes (October 2022) – Best Maps To Play

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Fortnite Hide And Seek Codes

Here we have published the most updated Fortnite Hide And Seek Codes for this particular month. Fortnite is a great platform that also allows other players to design their own games on custom maps in the creative mode. And Hide And Seek is one of the most popular genres in the Fortnite platform and that’s why we have mentioned all the codes which you can use in the game.

When the game first launched the creative mode on their platform it becomes a huge success and players started creating awesome games ranging from RPG, Action, and Prop Hunt. And the Hide and Seek become a huge success and that’s why no. of maps are available to play and different maps have their different codes which you find below.

Fortnite Hide And Seek Codes

Carnival Hide And Seek8698-8038-7328
Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall1474-2507-3173
Area 51 First Person Hide And Seek4909-3532-4209
The Props That Stole Christmas7115-2100-1957
The Simpsons Prop Hunt8871-0352-3843
Prop Hunt – Zig Zag Zoo3957-6223-5002
Friday The 13th4250-7193-5946
Tiny Soldiers0722-4300-5913
Prop Hunt Infinite7263-1478-7522
Hide And Seek (Christmas Themed)2137-7520-1857
Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt0139-3586-5803
Creepy Park4350-5340-9940
Mansion Murder Mystery9850-2841-2309
Lost Lodge5717-5217-5108
The Yacht Hide And Seek2504-2038-5775
Soulrest Mansion Hide And Seek3946-9355-5003
Honey I Shrunk Fortnite4185-2533-4702
Hide And Seek: Spooky Island5025-3664-4546
SpongeBob Prop Hunt9653-5730-7935

How To Use Fortnite Creative Codes?

The process is very simple to visit the custom map using the codes and here you can follow the process. So at the first, you need to boot up your game and on the home screen you will see “Creative” and you have to choose that option.

And now in the next part, you have to choose “Play” in the next menu and then you have to click on the “Island Code”. Once you are done with this process you will see a box where you will be able to put your code including those codes we have mentioned above.

Hide And Seek Fortnite Codes

Below you can check the detailed Hide and Seel Fortnite Codes and can use them for awesome and interesting rewards.

Carnival Hide And Seek Code: 8698-8038-7328

Carnival Hide And Seek Code

Can you guess the theme with the help of its name? I think you guessed it right here you can expect everything that you can expect at an amusement park like from a house of mirrors to a rollercoaster ride which means you have a huge number of places to hide here.

Prop Hunt – Wizards Great Hall: 1474-2507-3173

This game is based on a famous franchise Harry Potter where 50 players can play at a time and death eaters have to search for the players, here the hunter has some magical power which can use to find the other players.

Area 51 First Person Hide And Seek: 4909-3532-4209

Area 51 First Person Hide And Seek

So here in this game, you will play in the first person which makes it quite difficult to hide as you will not be able to see yourself which means it becomes difficult to guess whether you are at the right place or not.

The Props That Stole Christmas: 7115-2100-1957

This is a quite different genre as here in this game elves are trying to make toys for Christmas in time but props are hiding so that they can stop them and Elves have to find them and have to do the things on time.

The Simpsons Prop Hunt: 8871-0352-3843

Here is everyone’s favorite family and here in Fortnite, you find their house where you can place to hide.

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