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Fortnite Escape Room Codes

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Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Fortnite is a great battle royal game but many of the time players feel exhausted and want to have a little different experience there comes Fortnite Creative where you can explore different maps and have great fun. Here in this article, we will discuss the Fortnite Escape Rooms and you can easily understand with the name what players need to do in the game, so players have to explore the maps and escape it but they need the codes to explore.

So be ready to explore the mini Fortnite games where players need to discover the clues, solve the puzzles and riddles to escape from the room the game is available in different types you can find it from scary to traditional. So below you can find some Fortnite Escape Room Codes to explore the game.

Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Escape RoomCodes
Escape the Dream 24554-3196-9055
Calculated Trajectory: Part One6671-4819-0781
101 IQ Escape Map9289-3219-5545
Stranger Things8200-2722-1496
Winter Escape Room 26342-4609-2747
The Yacht Escape2385-3342-5568
Agent Parker Escapes Planet Glesh8541-7760-0193
Escape Game: The Last Maze7807-0098-3064
Escape 1010477-9259-2809
100 Rooms6126-3353-7805
107 IQ Escape Map6696-8923-1647
50 Ways Out5562-0386-0559
Impossible Escape Room4481-4367-0516
Escape the Vampires9323-9190-5007
The Haunted Castle0014-3242-3372
Fortnite High Tower Escape 39922-6888-3041
The New Year Commotion5098-5362-4045
Dungeon Prison 3: Cursed Temple2523-7785-1762
Winterfest Escape2512-0233-1209
Escape Room: The Trust Survey3500-0019-7096
Dungeon Prison Escape6134-1187-5161
First Person Visual Escape1211-9143-2539
Lost Palace Escape Map8524-0737-1977
Hero’s Journey0288-3341-2858
Slender-man: The 8 Pages9368-6634-9099
Insane Asylum Escape2258-5919-9209
Hospital 3 Escape Room1169-2163-2836 
Escape the Camp8068-1556-5301

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