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Where To Get Whetstone Knife Elden Ring

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Where To Get Whetstone Knife Elden Ring

You will find many awesome weapons in the Elden Ring and you may also have an idea about whether they can be upgraded or they have more skills to learn. And Ashes of War is a great way for that so you simply have to apply Ashes of War on your weapons and you will be able to learn some more deadly attacks and also able to improve the usability of your weapon.

So you started the game investing a lot of your time learning new things and also collecting many different Ashes of War but now what, who will you use the Ashes of War on your weapon don’t know, not to worry as from today you will have the knowledge about this question.

So Whetstone Knife is the item that you need in the Elden Ring game in order to activate your Ashes of War and make your weapons and moves deadly. But you have to find the Whetstone before and then only you can use that in order to activate Ashes of War.

Where To Get Whetstone Knife Elden Ring?

You will have to start your journey towards the Limgrave (Elden Ring Limgrave Guide), and there you have to reach east of the Gatefront Site of Grace. And there you will find an underground path in Gratefrount Ruins and this path will take you to a door. Once you open the door you will find a chest and on opening the chest you will find the Whetstone Knife.

Not only Whetstone Knife but you will also find the Storm Stomp Ash of War that let you kick the ground with massive force. (Elden Ring Ash of War Locations)

Now once you acquire the Whetstone Knife you simply have to go to the site of grace and rest there and now you can see a new option of ash of war. Now select the option and then you have to select the armament that you want to apply the Ash of War onto.

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