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Where To Get The Dragon Communion Seal




Where To Get The Dragon Communion Seal

Dragon Communion Seal is a very rae item in the world of Elden Ring that helps you to make your Dragon communication Incantations better like rot-inflicting Rotten Breath or blazing Dragonfire. And to equip the Dragon Communion Seal we need 10 Faith and 10 Arcane, This feature is really very helpful when the player has higher stats in the game.

You can find the Dragon Communion Seal at the blazing Dragonfire which is the first Dungeon that you will pass on your journey. And players won’t be able to unlock the Dungeon at the initial part as they do not have the required Stonesword Keys that helps to remove the Statue’s Seal.

Just after you enter the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave you will see a pool with poisionus musk that the ability to inflict poison onto the players. You will also find toxic mires into the other rooms of Dungeon so if you take some Neutralizing Boluses with you then that will be very helpful for you in order to tackle the poisons attacks. You can purchase Neutralizing Boluses from the Merchant whom you can find near the coast that is near the First Step.

Where To Get The Dragon Communion Seal

Dragon Communion Seal Entrance

So we have to complete the tunnel in order to get the Dragon Communion Seal and in between we will face different unkillable chariot mobs. The tunnel is full of dangerous enemies who are ready to kill you and Castle Guard Phantoms are one of them who are hiding “safe” alcoves and gaps.

You have to pass four different corridors in order to reach the end but you will have to face phantoms and the spike-wheeled frenzied chariots and defeat them. Once you will reach the end of the tunnel there you will see a small room with a kneeling knight inside.

When he entered the room he will see ghostly enemy who will get prepared for battle immediately who is armed with heavy shield and longsword with different abilities. Like he can even invisible while moving. So be careful with his different attacks and do not attack while his shield is up as he will be highly resistant to damage and try to attacks when he is vulnerable or staggered. So one you will defeat him you will receive the Dragon Communion Seal.

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