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Where To Get Samurai Armor Elden Ring




Where To Get Samurai Armor Elden Ring

Armors are one of the most important parts of any player as it defends the player against the attacks of their opponents and other than they also provide an amazing look to the characters. Generally, you will start your game with armor which depends on your selection of class and some can be found in different locations.

But in this article, we will specifically be talking about Samurai Armor like where to get Samurai Armor Elden Ring, or how we can use the armor.

Where To Get Samurai Armor Elden Ring

So we have two different places where can find this particular armor one of them is the Land of Reeds set and the other one is  White Reed set. Now let’s see how you can reach these places.

1. Land of Reeds Set

Land of Reeds Armor Set also called Samurai Armor is the best early-stage armor with great protection and damage-dealing abilities.

If you have started the game as Samurai then you will start your game equipping this armor set but if not and had chosen another class then you can also get this armor set with a simple process.

So to get this armor set you need to visit North Caelid where you will find a merchant near the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace. You can easily buy the armor set from him for just 4500 Runes, So give him the amount to equip the amazing armor.

2. White Reed Armor Set

When we combine for different parts like Leg, Gauntlets, Chest Armor and Helm then it becomes a complete White Reed Armor Set. In order to get the White Reed Set we need to visit to the Spiritcaller’s Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

But we need Stonesword Keys in order to access the cave and once we will reach there we have to defeat two bosses Bloody Finger Okina yields the Okina Mask once they are defeat we will be rewarded the White Reed Armor Set.

There are also other great armor sets (Elden Ring Armor Sets: Complete List) but you need to acquire high equip and load and endurance in order to equip them so once you reach to that place then you can search for those armor and below I have mentioned their so that you can search them later when you reach to such position, so here are them.

  • Ronin’s Set
  • Briar Set
  • Mausoleum Knight Set
  • Black Knife Set
  • Raging Wolf Set
  • Bull-Goat Set
  • Beast Champion Set
  • General Radahn Set

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