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Where To Find Misericorde Dagger & How To Use It In Elden Ring




Where To Find Misericorde Dagger & Use It In Elden Ring

There are different Daggers available in the Elden Ring game that is a short-range weapon but can be used for very fast attacks and also deals high critical damage so can be used best for Backstabs and Ripostes.

All the daggers are quite good at giving critical damage but all of them Misericorde is best and here on this page we will share the information regarding Where To Find Misericorde Dagger in Elden Ring.

Where To Find Misericorde Dagger?

Where To Find Misericorde Dagger?

So in order to get this weapon we need to follow the path that is heading towards the Stormveil Castle. And while you will try to enter the castle you first need to defeat the guard of the that is Margit, The Fell Omen.

Margit, The Fell Omen is not the Main boss and you can still progress in the storyline without defeating her but if you want to progress in the castle then you will have to defeat her and as our task is to enter the castle we will defeat Margit.

So once she will be will be defeated you need to enter the castle and you need to make your way towards the large armory room. But you will find the room locked and in order to open the door you will be needed Stonesword Key, so use the key and enter the room.

So once you enter the room you will find some enemies and you need to beat them and then you will find a corpse in the middle of the room and you need to loot the corpse and you will get the Misericorde Dagger.

How To Use Misericorde Dagger?


The weapon already has a Quickstep skill by default, which gives players great mobility ability which means they can reposition themselves very quickly will help dodge the attacks quickly, and also able to get closer to your enemy and able to give them quick damage either with backstab or riposte.

One last thing is this weapon’s critical damage rate of 140 that is very high but if you paired with high physical damage and excellent scaling you can make it a one-shot weapon for many enemies.

Hope you get the proper information and if you have more questions related to Elden Ring you can check our website for your help we are mentioning some of the articles here so go and check them out now Rivers of Blood Katana Location, Elden Ring Imbued Sword Key Locations, Where To Get Whetstone Knife

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