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Where To Find Mantis Blade In Elden Ring

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Where To Find Mantis Blade In Elden Ring

So here is one of the very interesting weapons Mantic which is a curved sword that is equipped with the Spinning Slash Weapon Skill that let players kill multiple enemies with the help of the spinning attacks.

Like many of the times in the game we found enemies who are quick and try to dodge your attacks many of the time but there this weapon is very useful for you.

Also, you can perform heavy attacks with the help of this curved weapon but that is a hidden feature of this weapon and at the same time, it can increase the reach of this weapon as it opens up and doubles in length just before the attack.

Also, you do not need much to use this weapon as the strength cost you will be needed is 10 and the Dexterity cost will be 12 which makes it a very economical weapon in terms of Strenght and Dexterity. And one more thing this weapon is not equipped with any weapon of art which means players have the freedom to imbue any weapon art. That is why it becomes a very important question that is Where To Find Mantis Blade In Elden Ring?

Where To Find Mantis Blade?

Where To Find Mantis Blade In Elden Ring

So in order to find the weapon, we have to make our way toward Mount Gelmir which is situated in the western region of the Altus Plateau (Elden Ring Altus Plateau Location) go through this article to reach Altus Plateau.

So since you reach the place you have to search for Gelmir Hero’s Grave Dungeon, You have to follow the path that you will find in the Dungeon and make sure you do not get hot by the chariots for that you can whip in the walls.

After moving quite a bit you will land on a destroyed piece of land under a ladder with the help of which can move further then move fast towards the corner in order to keep yourself safe from the chariot. And there you encounter Shadow of the Graveyard and you have to defeat him in order to get the Mantis Blade.

Hope you get the proper answer to your questions and if you have more questions related to Elden Ring then you can check them on our website also we are sharing a few articles here to help you with the game so an check them out now How To Get To Ancestral Woods, Black Bow Location In Elden Ring, Sorceress Sellen Questline Walkthrough

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