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How To Get Dragon Heart Elden Ring

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Where & How To Get Dragon Heart Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an interesting huge role-playing game with lots of secrets the game, you will have many different optional areas to get some great powers and you also have the option of just passing through without going to the area.

And one of the favourite things of FormSoftware developers is a dragon which you can check from Demon’s Souls to Elden Ring. And here in Elden Ring, you will also be able to get dragon powers and for that, you need to have dragon hearts. And we have mentioned here where and how to get the dragon heart Elden ring.

Where & How To Get Dragon Heart Elden Ring

In order to get Dragon Heart, you need to defeat a dragon boss in the game, and once done he will drop a dragon heart for you but you will only get one dragon heart after defeating a dragon, but it is not an easy task to kill a dragon.

We have mentioned the dragon whom you can kill in order to get the dragon heart below and also you can defeat the particular dragon easily.

Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel

You will find the flying dragon agheel very early in the game and also the easiest among all the other dragons, and you can find him in the lake to the west from your starting point. So you are starting and you have all your items in the base level which make it difficult to even beat the Flying Dragon Agheel.

So the best thing would be increase your level to at least 25 other than that you can also have summoned spirits and also try to get some smithing stone. Also, try to make your weapon level at +1 or +2 and last but not least you must find some dragon resistance items that will give you an edge over the dragon.

So now once you have done all these things you can start the fight by reaching the lake and he also has some amazing move sites that we have mentioned below.

  • Whip around quickly with his tail and give heavy damage if you will not be able to block it timely.
  • Another he will fly from right to left throwing fire all over the area.
  • Also, he can stomp down with either of his foot.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Another Dragon Heart you can find by defeating Glintstone Dragon Smarag who you can find in the northwest of Rosechurch or to the west of Raya Lucaria Academy that you can find in the Lake of Liurnia (Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes Location Guide).

Did you find Agheel challenging then Smarag will going to give you nightmares as he is really deadly with some lethal movesets our recommendation will be a minimum level 45 and you must even think about visiting him before reaching level 45? Other than that you must make your weapons level +3 or +4 which is the minimum number.

You should also have some magic resistance gear in your inventory, and one important piece of advice would be to activate Godrick’s Great Rune with a rare rune arc if you have them as they have the power to change the game by boosting your powers.

He has all the moves that Agheel has and some other ones also he throws magic fire which is not normal flames and can do great damage. You can try killing Teardrop Scarabs as they will fill the magic flask that will help you in the fight.

Magma Wyrm

Magma Wyrm

By defeating Magma Wyrm you can get another Magma Wyrm you can find this boss at Gael Tunnel mine that is situated in the region consumed by Scarlet Rot.

Reach the level 50 at least before you think about fighting this giant dragon and +6 or +7 weapon. As he is not able to fly he uses his huge body to attack you or throw flames all over the arena.

As the arena is not huge you don’t have much area to save yourself so it will be best to keep yourself around the tail or belly and only reach his head if you want to give him a critical hit.

Magma Wyrm Makar

Magma Wyrm Makar

Another dragon heart you can find at Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook by defeating Magma Wyrm Makar, visit Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes and then head toward the north where you will find him.

So you must be at least in the level 55 or above and have a +8 or +9 weapon that will help you to kill the beast. If you have Great Horned Tragoth you must summon him as Wyrm Makar is really a lethal boss.

He has his great hammer to attack you but the good part is you have a huge area to use in order to defeat him so perform tactical retreats using the central pillar if necessary.

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