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Sleeping Dragon Location + Maps Elden Ring: To Get 74k Runes And 5 Dragon Hearts

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Sleeping Dragon Location + Maps Elden Ring

Here in this guide, we have shared the Sleeping Dragon Location Elden Ring + Maps that will help you to get 74k Runes and also 5 Dragon Hearts so giving your valuable time on this will be worth the effort.

Elden Ring is a very interesting game that surprises its players very often where you can find many secrets and original concepts. So here the new concept is Incantation that you can buy with the help of the Dragon Hearts and in Elden Ring Dragon Communion is the place where you can buy Incantation from Dragon Hearts.

There is a huge scarce of Dragon in Limgrave which is the first accessible area of the Elden Ring but not to worry as in the Elden Ring with a little effort you will be able to find the Dragon and then after killing the dragon you will be able to get the reward and best things is it does not hit back. And you to perform a few steps in order to find the Sleeping Dragon Location.

Steps To Find The Sleeping Dragon Location

You will find these steps a bit complicated but believe me the reward will be worth making the effort so below we have mentioned the complete process in an easy manner so that you can understand it properly so read and follow the steps.

Get Deathroot After Defeating Tibia Mariner

You have to defeat Tibia Marnier whom you can find in the Summonwater Village, he is a unique boss who rides in the small boat and holds a horn so once you defeat the unique boss you will get a Deathroot item and Skeletal. You can find the boss in two more locations but they are quite tough as they are located in a higher location compared to the other one.

Meet D, And Accept His Introduction

Once you defeat the unique boss and acquire the Deathroot you then need to reach the RoundTable Hold and there you will meet D, Hunter of the Dead you have to show him the Deathroot and then he will offer you to meet Gurranq, The Best Clergyman. You have to accept his offer and then you can find the access location for the Clergyman.

Now you simply have to follow the mark and you will get east of Limgrave, Sending Gate. Once you interacted with the sending gate you will be teleported to the north of Caelid, Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Now you should enter the Bestial Sanctum which acts as a checkpoint and there you have to interact with the Lost Grace of Power.

Get To The Fort Forath

Now you have to move to the south and reach the bridge with the Flying Dragon Greyll on it and on your way to the bridge, you will come across the Site Of Lost Grace another checkpoint to get the reward of Dragon Hearts.

Now you have to move as fast as you can to escape the two world bosses Putrid Avatar and Flying Dragon Grill. Now you find the Spirit Spring behind the Erdtree with the help of which you will be elevated into the mountains and in the mid-air, you will going to notice a fort where you have to reach.

Now once to reach the front of the fort you need to light up stationed and you will be able to notice the Sleeping Dragon who seems very tired or almost dying and not able to hit you back which makes it very easy for you to fight and defeat the dragon.

Kill The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring

The Sleeping Dragon has massive HP but still, he is not able to fight you can kill the dragon very easily and you can use weapons to make him bleed and take a portion of his HP with your hits. Once you kill the Dragon you will receive the reward of 74,000 Runes and 5 Dragon Hearts with the help of which you will be able to buy strong Elden Ring Incantations.

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