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Nepheli Location & Questline Elden Ring




Nepheli Location & Questline Elden Ring

Nepheli is one of the alternative bosses in the Elden Ring game with an average range difficulty questline that you will feel is a bit long quest, but completing his questline will help you to get Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone that will help you to level up your weapon up to +25 that will make your weapon very powerful.

So in this article we have covered all things like from Nepheli location, where you will have to go in order to complete her quest and one thing you have keep in mind that you do not have to kill Morgott Boss whom you will find in the Capital within Altus Plateau (Elden Ring Altus Plateau Location) as you have to keep him safe for the later in the game. So let’s start with where you can find Nepheli and then gradually we will move further.

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Nepheli Location

Nepheli Location

So you have to visit stormveil Castle in order to met her, so you have to move towards the east from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. you will find bird enemies in your path and then you will find a small room behind the large spiky wooden barricades. And there you can find her in front of some barrels now talk to her and finish her dialogue.

Meet Her Again

Now you will have to met her at the Roundtable Hold (How To Unlock Roundtable Hold Elden Ring) after you have defeated Godrick the Grafted speak with Gideon in the main room whom you will find at the right side with hunched back. Now you simply have to rest at site of grace and then take left from there and after sometime you will find Napheli there just near the table with a lit candle. Now take Arsenal Charm from her after completing her dialogue.

Meet Nepheli next to a stone wall

Now you have to move towards the Village of Albinaurics which you can find on the south side of Liurnia, southwest of the Cathedral of Manus Celes and you have to be very careful in this area as this is a very spooky one. Now from Albinaurics Site of Grace you need to head towards the east and there you will find her sitting to a stone wall and finish her dialogue there.

Kill Omenkiller

Kill Omenkiller

Now its time to visit the large hill next to the Village of Albinaurics Site of Grace from where you have to take left and at the end you will find Omenkiller whom you have to kill in order to progress in the game and he will drop Crucible Knot Talisman one you defeat him.

Meet Nepheli Again

You will find her again at the roundtable hold, where you need to take right from blacksmith, down the stairs, and you’ll find Nepheli against a wall. And there you have to be careful about one thing that you can not give potion from Seluvis’ questline to her because that will eventually end the quest.

Meet Gideon

Now you have to speak to Gideon whom you can find in the Library after resting at the Site of Grace. While speaking to him you will get the option to choose “Nepheli’s despair” option simply select the option.

Now Again Speak To Nepheli

Now you have to come back to Nepheli at Roundtable Hold and choose the “heard from Gideon” option. After that you can simply finish her dialogue.

Get Stormhawk King

Stormhawk King

In order to get the Stormhawk King we first have to visit Four Belfries area on the west side of Liurnia. And you will a tower right next to the site of grace that has a chect with a Swordstone Key. Now after taking the key we need to get to easternmost Tower down the hill and have to use the key in order to open the portal that will take you to the island off the coast of Limgrave.

Now head towards the south after defeating boss and then cross the bridge and then you need to Chapel of Anticipation, do not enter from the main path rather take the right one and enter to the second floor and there you will find the Stormhawk King. Then simply get back to Nepheli and handove the item to her. If not accepting try to upgrade the Ashes that needed to complete Roderika’s questline.

Kill Morgott, the Omen King boss

Now you have to Kill Morgott, the Omen King boss but you have to be careful as he is a tough boss to defeat, his attacks are really powerful that can easily kill you. If you have gather all the powerful items then you will take him down but if you didn’t then you must gather all these items and then kill him.

Get Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones

Dragon Smithing Stone

You have to visit Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle and then from there you have to move towards the north to the large circular room. And there you will find Nepheli whom you have to speak and she will give you one of the amazing items of the Elden Ring game Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones.

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