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Elden Ring Millicent Questline Walkthrough

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Elden Ring Millicent Questline Walkthrough

There are many different questlines in Elden Ring from different NPCs where you have to perform several tasks and Millicent Questline is among them where you have to complete the various tasks in order to complete the questline.

Millicent is an NPC whom you will find in the Plague Church, she is actually suffering from a disease and her quest line is continuously revolving around it. But completing her questline is quite tricky and that’s why we are here for you with our in-depth Millicent Questline Walkthrough.

Talk To Gowry

Talk To Gowry

So first you need to find Gowry in order to start Millicent Questline whom you can find in the shack in eastern Caelid once you find him speak to him and he will tell you about the Unalloyed Gold Needle that he is seeking for then you have to make your way in order to get the Needle.

Now you need to travel west of Gowry’s shack where you will find Commander O’Neil, whom you have to defeat in order to get the Unalloyed Gold Needle, the fight won’t be going too easy but once you have defeated him you will have the Unalloyed Gold Needle and now you have to make your way back to Gowry.

Once you reach him hand over the needle to him and move to the nearest site of grace and rest there and get back to Gowry again and he will give you the repaired needle and also give you the information regarding the secrets of Sellia, Town of Sorcery after you have light up the beacons that is situated around that area.

Meet Millicent At Church of the Plague

Meet Millicent At Church of the Plague

So now you have to head toward the Church of the Plague where you will find Millicent and you have to give the Unalloyed Gold Needle to her. Church of the Plague itself is a place where you will find many different enemies and you have to kill them all to progress.

Once you reach there you will her resting at the western wall of the church, go to her and then speak and she will inform you about her curse and you will find a prompt as she will finish her dialogue and then you can give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

Then you need to go to the nearby site of grace and rest there and then return to her and she will give you  Prosthesis- Wearer Heirloom talisman so that’s the first part and now you have to return to Gowry’s shack.

Get Back To Gowry’s Shack

Now you have to return to Gowry’s Shack but you will be surprised as you won’t find Gowry there rather you will find Millicent there recalling her memory and you need to speak to her and then move to the nearby site of grace rest there and come back and you will find Gowry there this time, talk to him as he will thank you for curing Millicent and also reward you for that.

Visit Altus Plateau And Meet Millicent

Altus Plateau Elden Ring

So now you have to visit Altus plateau, so that place you have to go to Lux Ruins and outside that you can find a site of grace and if you see nearby you can find Millicent easily. Now visit her and speak to her and she will tell how her memory is coming back.

End the conversation then visit to Shaded Castle where you will find Valkyrie’s Prosthesis guarded by a Cleanrot Knight inside a room, get her arm and return to her and hand over the arm to her. And then she will explain the next step.

Make A Visit To Windmill Village

After you have given Millicent her arm you need to make your way towards the Windmill Village, Dominula which is situated on the northern road of the area. And you need to explore the area and you will meet Godskin Apostle whom you have to fight and defeat.

Then go to the nearest site of grace rest there and Millicent will appear there, now talk to her and she will thank you and want to join a battle to show her appreciation towards you.

Meet Millicent At Mountaintop of the Giants

Mountaintop of the Giants

Once you reach the place go to Ancient Ruins by activating the Grand Lift and then you have to speak to Millicent there. And she will now ask you to find 2 Secret Medallions so that you can enter Haligtree as she tells you that there you will find Malenia. (Complete Guide To Reach Haligtree) check this guide and you will get the complete information regarding that.

Go To the Prayer Room

Once done now you have to visit the prayer room located in the Halleck Tree area where you will find Millicent, and from there move towards the Drainage Area after reaching there come back and take the left from that place and fight the enemy there after defeating the enemy it this to choose whether you will help Millicent or kill her.

Friend or Foe?

If you would choose to kill her then you will be rewarded with Millicent’s prosthesis that will increase your dexterity by 5.

But on the other hand, if you would choose to help her then you will be rewarded with Rotten Winged Sword Insignia other than that you will also receive an Unalloyed gold needle.

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