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Elden Ring Imbued Sword Key Locations




Elden Ring Imbued Sword Key Locations

Elden Ring game wants you to complete so many different tasks for which you will be needed different items in the game. And if you want to access the Four Belfries Towers in the game then you will be needed Imbued Sword Key.

You will find this Imbued Sword Key in different locations in the Elden Ring game and as the game is so huge it becomes quite confusing for the players to find the keys.

And with the help of this guide, we will share the information regarding Imbued Sword Key Location and also how you can use the key.

Imbued Sword Key Locations

All Three Imbued Sword Key Location

Imbued Sword Key is such an important item that without that you won’t be able to access the Four Belfries Tower but you do not need four keys as only three towers are active and below we are sharing the location of those three Imbued Sword Key check them out now.

1st Location – So in order to find the first Imbued Sword Key you have to visit the inactive Belfry Tower and there you will find your first item.

2nd Location – Now you have to head towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria and there you will find your 2nd Imbued Sword Key On a corpse on the rooftop.

3rd Location – So now to find the 3rd and the last one you have to visit Sellia, the Town of Sorcery. and once there you have to find the sealed building on the northeast side of the area and inside the building, you will find the item.

Use Of Imbued Sword Key?

Belfries Towers

Imbued Sword Key is used to activate the waygates of the towers, so once you activate the towers you will be then able to teleport to different locations. Like with the help of the first gate you can be teleported to Crumbing Farum Azula, Then the second gate will take you to the Eternal City of Nokron, and then the last one will teleport you to the Chapel of Anticipation.

Hope you get the information you are searching for an there are more guides on our website on Elden Ring that you can and for now, I am sharing a few of the articles here that may help you in the further game Black Bow Location In Elden Ring Guide, Elden Ring How To Get To Nokron, Elden Ring True Coop Explained

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