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How To Use Urgent Heal Elden Ring




How To Use Urgent Heal Elden Ring

It is very important for the players to know how to use urgent heal Elden Ring as healing yourself in between any fight can claim your life in the game as you don’t how fast your enemy will attack you and that’s where Urgent Healing comes in and let you heal even in between any fight.

When you need a small amount of does why would you sacrifice the entire flask using urgent Heal is a great option and keep the flask for the important situation.

Healing In Elden Ring

Healing In Elden Ring

You can find different ways to heal in Elden Ring like magic, items, and a trusty flask even with the best of the armors you will be in the need of healing yourself from time to time. As the game is quite challenging you can die at any moment which you can find in most of the games from FromSoftware but in this game, there are a few things that help you heal and let you see another day so let’s know more about them.

When you try to heal yourself with the help of ordinary healing it takes time to activate and can claim your life if tried in between a fight, on the other hand, you can use urgent healing that activates quickly and can even use while moving. And to cast urgent heal you need to acquire the 8th level of Faith.

Find Urgent Healing Elden Ring

Find Urgent Healing Elden Ring

Confessor based characters should have urgent healing on their inventory from the beginning of the game while other characters need to buy it. To purchase the Urgent Heal you need to reach Brother Corhyn who is a prophet whom you can find at Roundtable Hold.

But if you have met him before then he will not available for you there and you have to reach him north of the Altus Highway Site of Grace at Altus Plateau.

How To Use Urgent Heal Elden Ring

So you need to first select the “Memorize Spell” and you will get information about your Memory Slots, spells, and inventories. And now you have to simply select the Incantation that you want to cast. Now you need to exit the menu equip the seal and your weapon and then attack using the seal and your character will apply the urgent heal also you can buy Finger Seal anytime from Twin Maiden Husks in ROundtable Hold.

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