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How To Use Gestures In Elden Ring

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Before moving on to how to use Gestures in Elden Ring let me first tell you what Gesture actually is. Actually, Gesture is a way of communication that helps you set up your communications with other players with the help of the inbuilt messaging system.

Mostly you will see players in multiplayer games using messaging systems in order to communicate who do not use voice chat, and in Elden Ring, they have not only made it more numerous and also at the same time they are more abundant now and can get from numerous NPCs.

Gestures or Emote are a Special Animations

Image Credit: FromSoftware Inc.

They are special animations that will be there only for a few seconds. You have complete control over using Gestures which means you can use them anywhere and at any time. You can also leave messages for the players in your ghost form and players can see your messages later when they arrive at the place.

You can also guide or warn other players in the game. So there is a huge no. of Emotes or Gesture in the game that you can use by collecting them throughout the game. And if you have made a pre-order of the game then you will get an amazing unlocked Gesture.

How To Use Gestures In Elden Ring

Image Credit: FromSoftware Inc.

In order to use the thing, you have to open your Menu, in different devices you can use it differently like Options for PS, ESC key for PC, and Menu for Xbox. Then you will see on the right side of your screen the Gesture Menu and then simply hit the particular Gesture you want to perform also you can put that into the shortcut key.

Other than then communication you can also use them in different places like in front of any Statues as maybe that will open a quest for you also you can do the thing in front of NPCs.

So that was the complete guide on how to use Gestures in Elden Ring but if you have more questions regarding the game then you can check out these articles How To Sprint In Elden Ring, How To Increase Memory Slots, How To Get Tonic of Forgetfulness and more you can check on Elden Ring category page.

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