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How To Use Bloodflame Blade Elden Ring

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How To Use Bloodflame Blade Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a very interesting game with such powerful bosses and if you want to overcome those powerful bosses you need to have the right weapon for the right boss. This game also tests your patience and smartness while you are about to fight a powerful boss.

So an Incantation is a great weapon to use over your enemy to defeat them faster than you expected. In Elden Ring game you will find many different types of Incantation spells that you can keep in your inventory during your journey. Different Incantations have their different effects and on this page, we are going to talk about the Bloodflam Blade spell, when to get and how to use the spell.

Bloodflame Blade is one of the deadly spells in the game that has the potential to debuff your enemy with blood loss. Once you use the spell and hit your enemy than even after dealing with the damage they will face continuous blood loss for a very short time. So if you have no knowledge of where to find the spell then below we have mentioned the process that will help you to find it and using the procedure.

How to Get the Bloodflame Blade?

Where to Get the Bloodflame Blade?

First, you need to reach northwest of the Rose Church, which is located near the Liurnia of Lakes. Go to Folly on the Lake site of grace and from there you can reach the place, keep one thing in mind you can face several Albinauric enemies over there.

Now once you reach there, move toward the west of the lake. Now look for the Teardrop Scarab and now you have to kill that Scarab you can loot the Bloodflame Blade from the Scarab.

One more thing to keep in mind is that not all the Scarab will drop the Inacatation so try to kill as much as possible until you find what you are searching for.

How To Use Bloodflame Blade?

How To Use Bloodflame Blade?

To use this item you will be needed Finger Seal you will get the item you have to head towards the Roundtable hold and there you have to meet merchant Enia and from here you can buy the Finger Seal.

Once you have the required item you can now memorize the Bloodflame Blade spell by reaching the nearest site of grace. And then you will be able to use the Bloodflame Blade Incantation.

Hope you get all the information related to usage and place to find the Bloodflame Blade still if you have any confusion do let us know and you also check other articles on Elden Ring like Elden Ring Incantation Tier List, Talisman Elden Ring, How To Use Urgent Heal Elden Ring

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