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How To Upgrade Armor Elden Ring




How To Upgrade Armor Elden Ring

In the journey of your Elden Ring game you will come cross so many different dangerous situation where you have to fight your enemies or different bosses and there your weapons will help you a lot to kill your opponent but at the same time your armors are going save you from the attacks of your enemies or bosses and give you the strength to stand for long to kill them. Even bosses have very deadly movesets that can kill you very quickly if you do not have proper protection.

So you got a great armor but as you progress in the game the bosses difficulty is also increasing so as their attack power and that’s why there are many players who are searching can they upgrade their Armor in the Elden Ring game so that they can with stand high damage attacks and we have the answer for you check that out below.

How To Upgrade Armor Elden Ring

So unfortunately we have a bad news for all the players who are searching for how can they upgrade their armor in Elden Ring that your character is not actually able to upgrade the particular piece of armor.

But at the same time we have some good news too for you as you are not able to upgrade your armor but you will be able to increase your protection. And to do that you have to equip the armor with many different Talismans that will eventually increase your protection.

How to Increase More Defense of Tarnished?

How to Increase More Defense of Tarnished?

So in order to do so you have to equip heavy armor set that has great ability to deal with high damage physical as well as magical attacks, but as you equip heavy armor it will going to slow down your mobility.

Other that we have already discussed a method with you where you have to equip Talismans that has great resistance power against various types of damages.

Both Dragoncrest Shield Talisman or the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman can greatly increase your physical damage to the next level, and Spelldrake Talisman has the power to increase your magical power to the next level.

So hope you get the proper answer to you question and if you have more questions regarding Elden Ring game you can check more articles on our website and here are some of them so check them out now Elden Ring Talismans Tier List, Elden Ring Armor Sets, Best Faith Weapons Elden Ring.

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