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How To Unlock Radahn Elden Ring




How To Unlock Radahn Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a huge game with some deadly bosses who are always ready to stop your journey and Radahn one of the main bosses who is quite difficult to beat but at the same time it is very difficult to reach him here we have made the guide available for you on how to unlock Redahn for you.

You can find the boss at Redmane Castle, Caelid which is quite a tough place to get to because of its high security and need special methods to enter the place. The Boss is a Shardbearer and needs to defeat him in order to complete some quest.

To fight the Boss Radahn the Radahn festival is very crucial and Radahn will be stationed at Wailing Dunes. And there you will be able to Summon NPC to help you in the Boss fight and we have two different ways to trigger the festival which you can read below.

How To Unlock Radahn Elden Ring?

  • Ranni’s The Witch Questline
  • Activating the Grand Lift of Dectus

Ranni’s The Witch Questline

Ranni's The Witch Questline

This one is the fastest way to reach the Radahn, so when you start your game you will find Ranni in the Church of Elleh, and there she will offer you Spirit Calling Bell that will help you to summon the helping spirits. And then you need to complete her questline for which we have provided the guide below:

  • So we first need to talk to Ranni at Ranni’s Rine in Three Sister.
  • And on the lower floor, we need to talk to three sisters Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis.
  • Next, we need to speak to Blaidd at Siofra.
  • Now speak to Seluvis and ask about the Nokron at Seluvis Rise.
  • Then we need to deliver the letter to Sorceress Sellen.
  • Have to meet Blaidd again at Siofra river.
  • When we meet him he explains to us that defeating Radhan is the only way to unlock Nokron.
  • So now you have to head towards Caelid and from there you have to move towards the Impassible Greatbridge Site of Lost Grace.
  • Once you reach there then you can see a waygate near the bonfire and you have to interact with it that will teleport you inside the Redmane Castle.
  • Once there start moving toward the north until you see a huge open arena in front of you. Where you can see Blaidd.
  • Simply speak with him and move upstairs and there you will find Jerren, the Witch Hunter who will welcome you to the Radahn festival.
  • Simply ask her to join and now enter the castle by moving towards the northwest.
  • There you will see a chair you simply need to enter the room behind the chair.
  • And then exit the room from the right and go down by using the lift then use the waygate by walking straight.
  • And we will be transported to the Wailing Dunes the boss area.

Activating the Grand Lift of Dectus

Activating the Grand Lift of Dectus

Tow important key items are required for this method.

  • Dectus Medallion (Left)
  • Dectus Medallion (Right)

Now one we collected both the items we need to head towards the Grand Lift of Dectus that is situated at the northeast Liurnia of the Lakes. Once there need to activate the lift using the Medallion after climbing through the staircase. Which will take you to the Altus Plateau, after which you need to reach the enarest site of grace by riding Torrent. As you reach there you have to light the site wait till nightfall which will start the Festival and and you will now able to reach Impassable Greatbridge bonfire and proceed to face Radahn

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