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How To Summon A Friend, Spirits, & NPCs in Elden Ring

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How To Summon A Friend, Spirits, & NPCs in Elden Ring

Here in this article, we have shared how to Summon a friend, sprits, and NPCs in Elden Ring game which is developed by FromSoftware any mostly a single-player game where you have to travel the virtual world and have to use the hints from other players they have left for you but be careful not every hint is to help as some hints can even claim your life.

And as the game is quite new we have provided various guides related to game-like How to Duplicate Remembrance, Where To Buy Smithing Stones, Where Does Elden Ring Take Place, Elden Ring Armor Sets, and many more which you can check to complete the various tasks.

How To Summon In Elden Ring

Below we have mentioned the guide on how you can summon spirits, NPCs, and Friends in Elden Ring so simply read the guide and if you have any queries then do let us know in the comment section and we will help you out there.

How To Summon A Friend In Elden Ring

 Summon A Friend In Elden Rin

It is a very simple process to summon a friend in Elden Ring to assist you so simply follow the steps and defeat the boss together.

Step 1. Once you start the game you can see an option Menu just click on that and then on the system and then on Display Player Names and set that to Online ID.

Step 2. Then you have to hit on Multiplayer Menu and there add a multiplayer password and only share with your friend as this is an important one.

Step 3. Now you have to use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger and create a summon on the ground which your friends need to find and can join you for the battle.

How To Summon Ash Spirits In Elden Ring

How To Summon Ash Spirits In Elden Ring

These AI summons can help you to defeat the strongest bosses and you have to find these Ash Spirits and can keep them indefinitely in the game.

To find these As Spirits you have to reach the Church Of Elleh, which is situated at the Western Limgrave that you find ahead of the first site of grace.

And there you will find Reena who is ready to help anybody who reaches her and she will give you the Spirits, Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes. And then these Ash Spirits will help you out in your battles.

How To Summon NPCs In Elden Ring

How To Summon NPCs In Elden Ring

Want to summon NPCs then try Martyr Effigies which is another way to call friendly NPCs that won’t even cost you an FP. But you can not summon them anywhere they are limited to some special places where they are found.

You need to find the little statues of the people on the massive Elden Ring map and then you will be able to Summon NPCs to assist you.

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