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How To Sprint In Elden Ring




How To Sprint In Elden Ring

If you know how to sprint in Elden Ring then you can escape from so many different situations like moving more quickly from your enemy, able to dodge attacks without rolling. Not just in the game even when many people face odd situations they simply run and same thing you have to do in the game.

In the game running is a very important thing one should know that even during the battle or any other situation.

Although after getting some progress in the game you will be able to summon your house Torrent (How To Get A Horse Elden Ring) who is a great helper of Tarnish there are specific places where you will not be able to summon Torrent and there you have to run and if at that place you don’t the idea about sprinting it will become tough for you.

How To Sprint In Elden Ring

How To Sprint In Elden Ring

This is a very simple process where you have to hold the B button (Square one) and use your arrow buttons or joystick to move your player after some time your character will start running and at the same time, you will see your stamina bar depleting. And as soon as you leave the button your character will stop there and the bar of stamina will start charging.

But you have to be careful about a few things like if you increase your equip load then it will slow down your moment and also it uses more stamina to run. So try to keep your equip load low so that you can move quickly as well as with less stamina needed but if you take your equip load to 100% then you won’t be able to run.

And right timing is very important in Elden Ring to hit and dodge so keep yourself light so that you can move and perform any tasks at any time perfectly.

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