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How To Sneak Attack Elden Ring

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How To Sneak Attack Elden Ring

EldenRing has provided a great world to explore with lots of mysteries, battles, extraordinary items, and more. In order to get different items in the game, players need to attack and kill their enemies in the game, and also sometimes they need to defeat their enemies to progress in the game.

And there are many players in the game who want to kill there silently and the game has also given the option to the players in this guide we are going to share the information regarding how to sneak attack Elden Ring.

If you have played FormSoftware’s game earlier then you must have ideas about silently killing your enemies but here in this game they have made a few changes that we will also see in this article so without any further ado let’s check the things out.

If you are facing any difficulties in the Elden Ring game then you can check the guide on the different questions on the website and here we are mentioning a few of them How To Revive NPCs Elden Ring, How To Upgrade Summons, How To Find And Defeat Dragonlord.

How To Sneak Attack Elden Ring

It’s always a difficult part for the players to stealth kill as developers made the game in such a way so that players have to face and kill enemies same as here in Elden Ring if you want to perform a sneak attack you have to have great patience and timing as well.

So the most important thing that you need to know in order to stealth kill is crouching, you need to learn to crouch properly which is quite easy and for that, you need to press down the left analogue stick. It is a slow process but it gives you the advantage of being unnoticeable even if you are just behind your enemies.

So now once you know how to crouch the next part of the sneak attack is to camouflage themselves and for that players have to take the help of tall grasses so that there are not able to detect them.

So you are done with these two simple steps you can now you can easily go ahead and perform your stealth kill. So now try to get as close as possible from behind and once you are close enough you will get a prompt that triggers a “Backstab” animation and you quickly have to press R1 or right bumper.

And more thing your level will also play a great role in killing the enemy by backstabbing and other thing is once you do that other enemies will get alerted and start attacking you so make sure your sneak attack will be worth doing.

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