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How To See Black Knife Assassin Elden Ring & Defeat Her




How To See Black Knife Assassin & Defeat Him

You will find different Assassin’s in places in Elden Ring but Black Knife Assassin of sage’s cave is a little different because of its invisibility power that makes him a tough boss to defeat.

Although she is an optional boss she will give you one of the most challenging fights as a lesser dungeon boss whom you will find in the Sage’s Cave of Altus Plateau (Elden Ring Altus Plateau Location). So the fight will start as soon as you enter the chamber.

But as you enter the chamber you will find that there was no boss in the room to fight but she will suddenly appears from the shadow and attacks you and then again goes into the shadow. Another thing that makes Black Knife Assassin tougher is she is not vulnerable even though she has invisibility powers.

Many players in the game find it very difficult to kill the boss and at last, they give up but you do not have to worry as we have brought the solution for you so that you do not have to give up and can continue on your journey.

How To See Black Knife Assassin & Defeat Her

Sentry’s torch Elden Ring

You can simply follow the below process and you will get the answer on how to see the Black Knife Assassin and defeat her.

  • So the first thing we need to see in the Black Knife Assassin is Sentry’s torch as the torch has the ability to “allow the bearer to see assassins cloaked in veils”. And in the light of the Sentry torch boss will not be able to get invisible.
  • In the second method, you need to use Spirit Summons (How to Summon a Spirit) via the Spirit Calling Bell. Although you are not able to see the boss, but Spirit’s are able to locate her so can you can also able to track her location and can attack at the specific position.
  • So in our third strategy we will use AoE (Area of Effect) Hoarstfrost Stomp, where you just need to face the right direction and boss will get the damage.
  • We still have something for you if you do not have torch or can not use summon then you first need to turn of the music of the game, and focus on the water in the chamber and then sound and enviourmental visuals will help you to track the boss and you then know where you need to attack.
  • Once you will defeat the boss you will receive Concealing Veil as reward.

So these are the different methods to see and defeat the Black Kinfe Assassin, and if you have any other questions then do let us know in the comment section.

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