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How To Respec In Elden Ring



How To Respec In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a very interesting game where you choose how you have to start the game and gradually you level up your character by increasing your stats that are very important for the game in the long run but after some time you feel like you should have taken another path in the game as all your current stats are not great for the current situation of the game.

But you do not have to worry as we have something for you so that you can relocate all your stats and respec your character. But one thing you need to keep in your mind is that this is not going to be easy so let’s find out how to respec your character in Elden Ring.

How To Respec In Elden Ring

How To Respec Character In Elden Ring

As we have said earlier that it won’t be going to easy to unlock the option to reset your all stats and respec your character so we have to move to a long and hard journey and your journey will start from the Academy of Raya Lucaria which is second top region on the land in between infiltrate and Liyrnia of the lakes area.

Once you reach there you have to make your move toward the top of the Academy of Raya Lucaria and in midway, you have to defeat Godrick and at the top, you have to fight with Rennala, Queen Of the Moon who is the main Boss of Legacy Dungeon.

Once you will defeat the boss she will become a very friendly polite NPC in the Library and with you can talk and she will offer you two different options that are cosmetics and rebirth. By the name you can understand the cosmetic option as with this option, you will be able to change any of the parts of your character.

And the second option which is rebirth le you relocate your stats and also let you easily respec your character.

Let’s Find Elden Ring Larval Tear

Let's Find Elden Ring Larval Tear

That was easy, isn’t it? if you are thinking that way then wait it’s not that much easy as you won’t get your rebirth for free rather you have to provide Larval Tears every time you want to Respec your character, Larval Tears are a very rare item in the Elden Ring which is very difficult to find. So either you can buy them from the hidden merchants or can find them in secret locations.

  • You can find Larval Tear graveyard of the Village of the Albinaurics, South of the Academy.
  • You can buy the Larval Tear from the merchant in the underground siofra river.
  • You will be able to get your another Larval Tear from the merchant named Pidia.
  • And you can fidn multiple Larval Tear around the Nokron, Eternal City but to reach ther eyou first have to beat Starscourge Radahn, he will drop two of them one you will defeat him.

Hope we have provided you enough information regarding Elden Ring Character Respec and if you want to see some more guide you can follow the link below:

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