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How To Kill Skeletons Elden Ring



How To Kill Skeletons Elden Ring

Knowing how to kill skeletons Elden Ring is very important as there are the enemies who keep coming back even if you kill them once. So let’s see to kill them in the right way so that they do not come back again.

Although there are many different enemies in Elden Ring whom we can defeat by bringing their health to zero, Skeletons do not die the first time we kill them.

Mostly you can find Skeletons around abandoned areas and graveyards as the Elden Ring world is massive you will face them very often if you do not kill them properly. And you will not face huge difficulties defeating them but because of their continuous respawning, it will be very annoying for any player.

Also, the time is very short at which they respawn so we have to kill them in the right way which is not a difficult procedure so let’s figure this out.

How To Kill Skeletons Elden Ring?

First time when you defeat the Skeleton and it will drop to the ground after which you will see a glowing light on the ground, and the skeleton will revive and this will continue to happen until you kill them before they come back to life and started annoying you.

So for that, you have to target their body on the ground before they come back to life with the help of the click of the right control stick, or with your choice of weapon accurately and the Skeleton will be gone forever.

You can also confirm the defeat of the Skeleton as when you killed him forever you will receive Runes at the where you have defeated them otherwise they will revive and then you can again try the same process that we have discussed above to kill the in the right way.

Kill Mini Boss Tibia Mariner

Kill Mini Boss Tibia Mariner

You can kill mini boss Tibia Marnier who you can find around ghostly ship and can get rid of surrounding Skeletons. While you were fighting here she will keep summoning more and more Skeletons so don’t waste your time getting rid of them rather try to kill here and for that you can use torrent and try to slash her and keep running past her. And it that way you won’t be getting hit by her water attack and you will kill her safely.

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