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How To Increase Memory Slots Elden Ring




How To Increase Memory Slots Elden Ring

Memory slots are the slots that determine how many Spells you can have so having more memory slots will let you have more Spells in your inventory.

And if a players use spells heavily then Mermory Slot is a very important item for them and in this guide we will share how to increase memory slot and can use more spells.

Elden Ring is game where magic played very important role as magic can help you escape so many difficult situation. So getting prepared for the difficult situation could be a great thing and for that we need more speels that ultimately requires Memory Stones.

How To Increase Memory Slots Elden Ring

Memory Stone

As I just told you that memory stones are the items that you need increase your memory slots without performing any additional process. There are different ways available in order to get the Memory Store that is defeating bosses, from NPC’s and also from different chests.

If you are searching for the item then you must have the idea about the importance of the particular item which makes it hard to obtain, so players have to search them very carefully in the huge land of Elden Ring.

Below we have mentioned five different ways and place how and where you can find the memory stone respectively.

how and where you can find the memory stone respectively
  • So first we need to reach Converted Tower which is situated in the Liurnia of Lakes (Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes Location Guide) and there players have to open a chest on the Top floor of the Tower.
  • Another place where you can find the memory stone is Oridys’s Rise which is situated at the Weeping Peninsula (Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Guide) and again you need to reach the top floor and there you have to open the chest.
  • Another place is Testu’s Rise that you can also find in the Liurnia of Lakes and again you have to follow the same process of opening chest.
  • For the other Memory Stone you have to visit Raya Lucaria Academy and have to beat Red Wolf of Radagon to get the stone.
  • But if you don’t want to follow any tough process then you can simply visit to Roundtable Hold (How To Unlock Roundtable Hold) situated in the South in Lands Between and can purchase for 3000 Runes each.

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