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How To Get To Vargram Elden Ring (Raging Wolf Armor Set)




How To Get To Vargram Elden Ring

Weapons are always very helpful in the games like Elden Ring to kill your enemies but at the same time Armors are also a very important part of the game that help you to withstand the attacks of your enemy and one such armor set is Raging Wolf Armor Set that has some great stats and to get this armor set you have to get to Vargram and defeat him and you will get your armor set in reward.

So to reach him you need to complete the Volcano Manor quest and also have to complete an optional task of Recusant Bernahl. And below we have mentioned the step-by-step guide on how to get to Vargram Elden Ring (Raging Wolf Armor Set).

One thing you should keep in mind is that you do not have to kill Bernahl when you will first meet him at Warmaster’s Shack in northern Limgrave (Elden Ring Limgrave Guide), where you will find him selling Ashes of War so simply talk to him and continue your journey.

How To Get To Vargram Elden Ring (Raging Wolf Armor Set)

So let’s start we the step-by-step process that will make the process easy for you to get the Vargram’s Raging Wolf Armor Set.

Step 1- Reach Volcano Manor and Complete Your First Contract

Volcano Manor

In order to reach him, you need to head towards the southern Liurnia where you have to find Birdseye Telescope and speak to Rya. She will ask you to bring her Blackguard’s Necklace at Boilsparawn Shack to the northwest and for that, you have two options either buy the Necklace or by defeating Blackguard.

Now you have to reach Altus Plateau and you can use this article to reach Altus Plateau, once reached you will find Rya there who will offer to escort you to the Volcano Manor and teleport you directly inside.

Once reached there you will find Tanith woman in white next to the Crucible Knight speak to her and then she will offer you to join her and make sure you accept her offer. Here you have to go down the hall in drawing room and collect first letter from Valcano Manor there.

And your task is to kill another tarnish and you can can invade the world via a red sign in Limgrave near the northern coliseum. Killing the tarnish will reward you Scaled Armor, a Rune Arc, and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Step 2 – Return to Volcano Manor and Complete Your Second Contract

Once returned again speak to Tanith in order to become a complete member of the manor and also you will get magma shot incantation. And then visit the another Drawing room again and get the another letter from there.

This time you have to defeat Rileigh the Idle whom you will find in the south of the Bridge of Inequity Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. His attacks are quite powerful and has the ability to give you great damage so be careful from the.

Step 3 – Return to Volcano Manor and Get a Special Contract

One you returned to Volcano manor, move to Darwing Room after talking to Tanith. There you have to talk to Bernahl who will give you a letter, that will help you to reach Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Step 4 – Visit Leyndell, Royal Capital’s Forsaken Manor

Once you reach the place you have to then move towards the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, And within your way you will encounter ragon corpse to your north you can simply pass him without any combat and have to climb up the corpse’s wing.

Keep moving until you reach a long limb connecting the wing to the body, now you have to jump to your left in the ruined chamber and now climb the ladder.

Go down and pull the lever that will open the street level door and go to the oddly familiar chamber, and there you will find the red sign in the middle of the hall.

Step 5 – Get To Vargram, the Raging Wolf

Vargram, the Raging Wolf

Now once you get to the Vargram Knight Bernahl, the NPC will automatically join in the fight with Vargram & Wilhelm. You first need to defeat wilhelm as he has some powerful magic attacks and till then Bernahl will keep Vargram distracted.

Once you are done with Wilhelm now you can head on to vargram and if Bernahal is still alive it will be very easy for you kill Vargram and you defeat him you will be rewarded with Raging Wolf Armor Set.

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