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How To Get To The Dragon Temple In Elden Ring




How To Get To The Dragon Temple In Elden Ring

Elden Ring has such hard bosses beating who are really tough which makes the players addicted to the game as they take it as a challenge and keep on trying to beat them. And also there are many different places in the game that is hard to get and one such place is Dragon Temple which is also known as Crumbling Ruins of Farum Azula.

There are many players who want to get there but struggling a lot to get there if you are one of such players who are struggling to get then don’t worry we are here to help you out and today we will share How To Get To The Dragon Temple In Elden Ring.

This is a ruin where if you want to reach then you will be needed a special item that is Imbued Sword Key, although you must have reached near the site and have to face many different enemies and may also get a Talisman as the place is quite mysterious you won’t be able to reach the place directly.

Where To Find Imbued Sword Key?

Imbued Sword Key

There are three different places in the game where you can find the Imbued Sword Key and below we have mentioned them all check them out now. Or you can check this guide for complete information (Elden Ring Imbued Sword Key Locations)

  • So the first place is Mountain Tops of the Hills in a chest that is placed in front of the fourth belfry.
  • The second place where you can find that is Easy of the Raya Lucaria Academy on the corpse of the roof.
  • The 3rd place is Sellia, the Town of Sorcery and there you can find the Imbued Sword Key on the north side of the sealed building.

How To Get To The Dragon Temple

Four Belfries elden ring

So first you need to reach the following location that is Foot of the Four Belfries, southwest of Testu’s Rise and Kingsrealm Ruins. West of Academy Crystal Cave and north of Cuckoo’s Evergaol. From there we will be needed Imbued Sword Key to unlock the portal and reach Farm Azula.

Once you reach the place then you need to find beneath the third tower and there you will find a portal that can be unlocked with the help of your Imbued Sword Key. Now you simply have to interact with the portal and you will be teleported to the Dragon Temple.

And now fight and beat your enemies and get the Talisman.

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