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How To Get To The Bird Rune Farm Elden Ring

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How To Get To The Bird Rune Farm Elden Ring

Having lots of Runes in Elden Ring can help you in so many different ways as it will help you get expensive items like Weapons, Spells, CookBook, Armor, etc and who doesn’t want these amazing things in the game.

FormSoftware has kept their image of being hard with Elden Ring as the game really tests your skills and patience but with patience and skills you also need the different items in the game that will help to progress in the game and there are different ways to get those items and one of the ways is to buy them and for that, you need the virtual currency of the game Runes (Where To Spend Runes).

And with the increase in level, your requirement of Runes is also increased and at a point, it will increase to such a point that you started to feel like you should have a Farm of Runes fortunately there are rune farms but the most favorite of players are the Bird Farm where you will be able to get so many Runes. So now let’s first see how to get to the bird rune farm Elden Ring.

How To Get To The Bird Rune Farm Elden Ring

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So you will have two different ways to get to the location, as the place is located in the Mohgwyn Palace and you can use the portal in the Mountaintops of the Giants if you have already unlocked the place. So that’s very easy you simply need to reach the place and there you will find the portal and you need to interact with the portal and you will reach the place.

The second way to get to the place is to simply complete the white-faced varre questline and you will be able to reach the place as after completing her questline you will receive Pureblood Knight’s Medal with the help of which you can teleport to the place. (White Faced Varre Questline Walkthrough)

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