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How To Get To SeeTheWater Cave Elden Ring




How To Get To SeeTheWater Cave Elden Ring

Here on this, you will get the information regarding how to get to seethewater Elden Ring which is situated in Mt. Gelmir Region, and an optional Dungeon where you can find various treasures and also home to mini boss Foe. So with the help of this SeeTheWater Walkthrough, you will be able to reach the place and defeat the boss, and able to get the Treasure.

So before you start your journey SeeTheWater let me what types of enemies you will be going to face, about the boss, and the main thing what loot you will get there. So if we talk about the enemies you will face Skeletal Slimes, Fungal Soldiers, Miranda Flower, and Leyndell Soldiers in the path of Mt. Gelmir. And once you reach there you will face the mini Boss Kindred of Root who is not very tough to defeat we have also mentioned how to defeat Kindred of Root below that you can check.

And the last part for which you are spending your valuable time is the loot and in the loot, you will get Mushroom Head, Mushroom Legs, Poison Grease, Mushroom Body, Poisonbone Dart, Mushroom Arms, and Kindred of Rot’s Exultation.

How To Get To SeeTheWater Cave Elden Ring

How To Get To SeeTheWater Cave Elden Ring

So you to drop down the ledge beyond the Site of Grace and then you have to move through the opening of Cave Moss and have to face the Leyndell Soldiers. And the path will fork and in right, you will find another Leyndell Soldier around the campfire, and on the northern wall, you will find a Budding Cave Moss Plant.

You need to continue on the path and need to drop down on the hole and you will land on the river of poison. Now you simply need to take poisonbloom plants that are behind you and try to leave the place as quickly as possible to reach the cavern ahead of the patch of land because it can increase your poison level to the max that will eventually claim your life.

Once you reach there another problem will come in front of you that are Poisonous Skeletal Slimes¬†will start falling from the ceiling you have to make sure you don’t get caught, as they have the power of absorbing the player.

Now we have to keep our journey going towards the southwest side and there you will find Fungal Soldiers whom we have to defeat and reach to the next room to find the pathways.

Then on your path, on the southwest of the tunnel, there is a room guarded by Miranda Flower and in the room, you will find two corpses, where the 1st one holds Immunizing White Cured Meat and 2nd one holds the Mushroom armor sets.

So further on your path, you will find a hole and you have to get down carefully by killing a few rats now you simply have to head towards the east where you will see a small space with the mist wall to the right.

How to Defeat Kindred of Rot – Boss Fight

How to Defeat Kindred of Rot - Boss Fight

You will find this boss familiar if you have explored certain areas like Lakes of Root, and Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

And there you will find two Kindred of Rots, and on the outskirts of the arena, you will find poisonous water means you have to be at the center of the arena which limits your safe range. So you have to be on time with your blocks, parries, or dodges otherwise you will be killed quickly by the bosses.

Their most dangerous attack is a flurry of projectiles that both of them eject toward you from both sides and try to give as much as they can. And if you want to keep yourself safe from the damage try to dodge-roll at the last possible second.

One thing that keeps in your mind is that you have to summon Spirit Ash as soon as you entered the area that has the ability to attack and take damage at the same time.

Hope you find this guide helpful and if do then share it with your friends and you can check other guides below in order to progress in the game Elden Ring Church of Elleh Bosses, Items, Merchant, Fire Grease Location and Crafting Guide, How To Kill Skeletons Elden Ring and more you find on our website.

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