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How To Get To Nokstella Eternal City




How To Get To Nokstella Eternal City

If you want a huge amount of resources in one place then Nokstell Eternal City is one of the best places for that. Nokstella Eternal City is a hidden area in the game that is part of the Ranni’s Questline and she is the same witch who gave you the spirit calling bell that let you call Spirit Ashes.

After that, you will meet her on your journey through Liurnia of Lakes where you have to complete her own questline. And to complete here you need to visit this hidden place, it will not only help complete her quest but you will also get so many awesome resources that will help you later in the game. Now let’s see how to get to Nokstells Eternal City.

Ranni’s Questline

Ranni's Questline

So before you even think of visiting this hidden place you first need to meet Ranni as she will give us a special item that will help us to unlock this hidden zone. So first you need to visit Ranni’s Rise which is quite hard to visit because you have to move your way through a punishing dungeon called Caria Manor.

Now in between, your journey through Manor you will witness a huge circular place surrounded by chairs where you will find Royal Knight Loretta and have to defeat him in order to proceed further once done, continue your journey towards the Ranni’s Rise.

You can easily track Ranni’s Raise as it is a huge tower that is protected by Glintstone Dragon Adula and fortunately you do not have to defeat the dragon only you have to deplete his health to 50% after which he will teleport and then simply go to the top of the building and meet Ranni who will send you on a quest to get something from Nokron, Eternal City.

Fingerslayer Blade

Fingerslayer Blade

So now in order to reach to Nokron, Eternal City you have to defeat radahn (How To Unlock Radahn) one of the strongest and deadliest Demi-God Bosses in the game. So one you defeated him star rain will start and it will create a crater on the ground in imgrave, south of Mistwood Ruins. And crater will lead to Nokron, Eternal City where you will find Mimic Tear Boss and you have to defeat him that will open the site of grace beneath a large bridge.

Now you have to reach the site of grace from a small path on the bridge, once you reach to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace from there jump on the cliffside and move through the city. Now you will reach to the church were you will face a few enemies that are not hard to defeat then at the last you will face a massive giant and after him there is a chest that contains the Fingerslayer Blade and that’s what you needed.

How To Get To Nokstella Eternal City

 Nokstella Eternal City

Once you will hand over the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni she will give you the access to Renna’s Rise, now climb to the top and you will find a waygate and that will send you to the Ansel River Main. Now simply move through Uhl Palace Ruins. There you will find a tunnel system that will take you to the Nokstella Eternal City.

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