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Elden Ring How To Get To Nokron, Eternal City




How To Get To Nokron, Eternal City

Nokron, Eternal City is a very mysterious place in the Elden Ring’s Land Between, to reach the place you have to beat many different powerful bosses and enemies. The place is also quite difficult to get to as there is no particular mark for the location, as if someone has no idea about the place it would be very difficult for them to reach the place.

If you are trying to complete Ranni’s Quest then this place plays a very important role for you, and you can different items in the place other than that here you can also find some of the very powerful spirit ashes summon.

So I think I have provided you with enough of the information and now without any further ado let’s see how to get to Nokron, Eternal City.

How To Get To Nokron, Eternal City?

Follow the below steps and you will easily be able to reach the Nokron, Eternal City.

Step 1 – Defeat Shardbearer Radahn

Defeat Shardbearer Radahn

So the first thing you have to do when you will reach the Lands Between is beat Shardbearer Radahn (How To Unlock Radahn), and for that first, you have to reach South of Caelid and there you have to go to Redmane Castle for that you can take help of castle that you find at the starting of the bridge that leads to the castle, and this portal will teleport you inside the castle.

Once you are in the castle you have to speak to the announcer and after that move behind the church where you will find another portal that will finally teleport you to the boss fight, and once you defeat the boss you will be able to access the area.

Step 2 – Get Through The Hole at Fort Haight

Elden Ring How To Get To Nokron, Eternal City

Once you will defeat the boss you will see meteor rain that will then open the entrance to the Nokron. So got the hole and drop down from the edge of the hole and then ride down the cliffs and jump down and you will reach the Nokron, Eternal City.

So that’s how you can get to Nokron and if you want guides on more locations then we have also published many articles and here I am mentioning a few of them How To Get To Nokstella Eternal City, How To Get Into Lennes Rise, How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield.

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