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How To Get To Miquellas Haligtree In Elden Ring




How To Get To Miquellas Haligtree In Elden Ring

Love to find and visit hidden places in the Elden Ring game then Miquellas Haligtree is one of such hidden places which you must not miss at any cost. The place is an optional one but an interesting area that many players love to visit.

But you need to fulfill some prerequisites before you can reach this place and in this, we will share the important information like this with you.

How To Get To Miquellas Haligtree In Elden Ring?

How To Get To Miquellas Haligtree In Elden Ring?

So in order to reach the place, we first needed to complete Haligtree Secret Medallion which is divided into two different parts. So to get the right part you need to visit the Village of the Albinaurics in southwest Liurnia and once there you need to hit the large pot that you will find there.

Then in order to get the second part, you need to move towards the North Mountaintops of the Giants, and there you will find the item on the roof of Castle Sol after you defeat the boss.

Visit Grand Lift of Rold

After gathering both Medallions you then need to make your way toward the bottom of the Grand Lift of Rold that you can find in between the Altus Plateau and the Mountaintops of the Giants. So once there raise the Medallions and you will be taken to the unexplored portion of the Mountaintops of the Giants. So now they will encounter Consecrated Snowfield and have to activate the site of grace.

Solve Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle

Consecrated Snowfield

So now you have to head towards the north from Consecrated Snowfield and you have to keep moving until you reach Ordina, Liturgical Town and there you have to solve the puzzle. So you need to light the four flames there in order to complete the puzzles and below you can check the process of solving the puzzle.

  • You can start the puzzle from Ordina Liturgical Town Site of Grace, you can enter the city from the south and then have to climb two sets of stairs.
  • Once at the top of the stairs you need to use Torrent and make a jump onto the low roof that is on your left, after that you have to make a jump on the higher portion of the building and at last make a double jump northward in order to reach the evergaol.
  • Walk inside the evergaol and move toward the east then take the staris that is on your right and you will find a statue there with whom you have to interact to light the first flame.
  • From there you have to head towards the west and take the staris that is on your left and then you need to follow the pathway and at the end you will find a ladder that you need to climb that will take you to the next status and second flame.
  • Now you have to reach the roof of the building by humping off to your east, then you will find a narrow pathway toward your north and keep moving until you find the ladder climb it to reach the northeast part of the building where you will find the third flame.
  • Now you again move to the evergaol and from there you have to take west it will take to the ground and then at the southwest of the building you can find the last flame.

Now after lighting all the flames you need to reach the northeast of the Ordina, Liturgical Town and other you will find the portal that will take to the Miquellas Haligtree.

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