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How To Get To Juno Hoslow & Beat Him In Elden Ring




How To Get To Juno Hoslow & Beat Him

Elden Ring is an RPG Survival game where tarnished’s main aim is to become the Elden Lord to become the lord he has to complete different quests and also has to defeat different bosses and as the party of the game, you will have to be the main boss Juno Hoslow later in the game. You have to defeat Juno in order to complete Volcano Manor quests.

So in this guide, we will be sharing how to get to Juno Hoslow and how to defeat Juno Hoslow so be with us till the end to get the answer to your query.

How To Get To Juno Hoslow Elden Ring

Volcano Manor's Lady Tanith

So to get to Juno Hoslow we first need to join Volcano Manor’s resistance group to join the group we first need to visit Volcan Manor castle and have to do a conversation with Tanith and he will then ask you to join the group. So you need to accept his proposal so that you can get to Juno Hoslow.

So once we accept the proposal we will get access to the room of the manor with some of the necessary gear. So now when you enter the rooms in one of the rooms you will find a letter that on opening will add a new location on your map, that let you play the bounty hunt.

Now once you will complete the hunt you will have to come back to Tanith who will give you your rewards and you will get another letter then which was also there in the same room and another bounty hunt you will find. So after completing this task you will again have to come back and then you have to go for the main task which is defeating Juno Hoslow.

Mountaintops of the Giants

Mountaintops of the Giants

So now you have to get to Juno Hoslow whom you will find in the Mountaintops of the Giants that is located near the Shack of the Lofty. So now we will see how to defeat Juno Hoslow in order to complete the quest and below we have mentioned the information on how you can do so.

Strategy to Defeat Juno Hoslow

Juno Hoslow is a very powerful boss and that’s why you have to have to strong strategy in order to defeat him. The primary weapon of the Joslow is dual-wielded Hoslow’s Petal Whip, whose few attacks have the ability to claim your life. So our strategy would be to kill him as fast as we can and at the same time dodge his attacks.

But we also have a safer strategy which is the cheese method to defeat Juno Hoslow, where you will see a wall on your right and you have to climb that wall up to the higher elevation and at that point, Juno will not be able to attack you so now you can use arrows and Incantations to beat him.

In another method, you have to move to his back but make sure you do it quickly once done you can use your light attacks but you have to make sure that you will be using weapons among those that we have mentioned below:

  • Great Spears
  • Greathammers
  • Greatswords
  • Halberds
  • Colossal Weapons
  • Great Curved Swords
  • Great Thrusting Swords
  • Greataxes

And those light attacks will eventually break his poise and then you need to keep attacking him until you will bring his health down to zero.

Rewards After Beating Juno Haslow

Rewards After Beating Juno Haslow

After defeating Juno he will drop 158 Runes, Hoslow’s Armor, Hoslow’s Gauntlets, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Hoslow’s Gauntlets, Hoslow’s Helm, Hoslow’s Greaves, Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Rune Arc.

So this is our guide on how to get ti Juno Hoslow and how to beat Juno Hoslow but we have also mentioned how you can beat other bosses which you can check here How To Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring, How To Beat Godskin Duo Elden Ring, How To Get To Malenia Elden Ring and more.

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