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How To Get To Hermit Village Elden Ring

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How To Get To Hermit Village Elden Ring

Before we move on to How To Get To Hermit Village Elden Ring let’s first see a small introduction about the village. It is located in Elden Ring which is situated on Mt. Gelmir, Southeast of the volcano and their players can find the Comet Azur Socerey Spell, that considered one of the best in the game.

And that’s why every player in the game wants to reach this location and today in this article we have shared the process of how you can reach that location.

How To Get To Hermit Village Elden Ring

Complete process on How To Get To Hermit Village Elden Ring

Below we have mentioned the fastest way to reach the Hermit Village so simply follow the process and you will reach your destination.

  • So You can begin your journey from the west of Wyndham Ruins and can follow your destination by traveling around the southeast of the volcano.
  • By traveling the path you will reach the Seathewater Terminus site of grace that is one the northwest or you also have the option to fast travel there.
  • And once you reached there you have to take left toward the south and keep moving forward and in between, you will find several barricades and guards whom you can fight if you wish otherwise you can simply pass the path without fighting.
  • And then you will reach the lake of lava. And now you have to follow the natural path of the lava lake toward the east.
  • Now you have to keep moving until you see another barricade and from there you have to take a slight turn toward the north.
  • And now just keep moving and you will reach the Hermit Village.
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