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How To Get To Great Horned Tragoth In Elden Ring




How To Get To Great Horned Tragoth

This huge world brings a huge no. of players in the game who once don’t even like to play the Soulsborne game and even enjoyed it a lot. And if we talk about the reason behind that then we get to know that it is because of the open-world setting.

Where players will find many exciting things like amazing items and get to meet many numerous characters, and among those characters, you will find some enemies, bosses, or NPC whom if you are defeated can drop great items for you.

And Great Horned Tragoth is one of such NPC who if you are defeated can drop some amazing items for you and that’s why here on this page we will share the information about how to get to Great Horned Tragoth and beat him.

How To Get To Great Horned Tragoth

How To Beat Great Horned Tragoth

So you will first find him in the room of Magma Wyrm (How To Beat Magma Wyrm) Maker’s boss that is located in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, and you will not going to find it hard to defeat him but still, you must pay your proper attention while fighting him.

So the best thing to kill him would be to roll behind him and attack him but one thing you must keep in your mind is that while it was laying down on the ground try to keep a distance as he suddenly woke up and attack and that is even hard to counter

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