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How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield Elden Ring

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How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield

Elden Ring is a huge world where there are lots of places to visit and many of them have some hidden details in every next point but still there are so many places on the map that players can miss while traveling. And Consecrated is such a hidden place that has the ability to transport you to a different region.

It is located in the Waygate and because of its hidden region we need some items in order to unlock the region. And unlocking this region is not at all easy as we have to collect two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion first.

How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield Elden Ring?

In order to unlock the location, we need to have both the species of Haligtree Secret Medallions. We need to collect both the items as they are away from each other Haligtree Secret Medallions (left) and Haligtree Secret Medallions (Right).

Left Haligtree Secret Medallion

Left Haligtree Secret Medallion

In order to acquire the left Haligtree Secret Medallion, we have to head towards the top of the castle sol that is situated at the Mountaintops of the giant. So we have started our journey bypassing the northern bridge and then have to cross Minor Erdtree or Stargazer’s Ruins Situated on the Mountaintops which is situated at the east and center of the mountain respectively.

And we have to reach the northeast direction of the mountain where castle sol is situated and there we have to combat with the commander Niall who is really an annoying boss and difficult to defeat and once you defeat him you have to go to the top castle and there you find the Left Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Right Haligtree Secret Medallion

Right Haligtree Secret Medallion

Now we have the first half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and it’s time to get the second one that we can find at the Village of Albinaurics so start your journey again toward the place and once reached move towards the west of the Liurnia of Lakes into the caves.

Now you reach there you will find a pot next to a stone coffin and a small red tree that is Altus and becomes a pot with magic to bring him to his real form you have to hit the pot once. Once you will talk to him he will give you Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) and now you have both the Haligtree it’s time to Consecrated Snowfield.

How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield Elden Ring?

How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield Elden Ring

So after acquiring both the Haligtree you have to move towards the Grandlift of Rock in order to get to the consecrated snowfield and unlock it. Now you have to move towards the east of the Leyndall through the Forbidden Lands.

And now you will have reached to the location where you have to hoist the secret medallion by climbing the stairs. And then you have to change your action to Secret Medallion Option. And as you will hoist the Secret Medallion it will unlock the Consecrated Snowfield and with the other one, you will be able to unlock Mountaintops of the Giants.

And now you have to go through the building and you will face different enemies there and killing them is optional then move towards the site of grace and from simply move straight and then you will reach the Consecrated Snowfield.

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