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How To Get To Ancestral Woods Elden Ring




How To Get To Ancestral Woods Elden Ring

Because it’s a huge world there so many different hidden places are there in the Elden Ring where players can find some great items and because of the lack of the knowledge players are missing them one of such places is Ancestral Woods today in this article we will share all the important information regarding Ancestral Woods. like How To Get To Ancestral Woods and many other things.

How To Get To Ancestral Woods?

So you first need to start from the Mimic Tear Sog, Then you have to cross the bridge, and once done you will be able to see the cliff and roof at your left. So now you have to take the left from there and have to past the singing ancestral spirit, and there you will going to find a rock wall and behind the rock, you will find it. Now simply make a jump down and keep moving.

Kill Mimic Tear

So now you have reached the place you will find the boss there who you have to kill and he will from some items for and then you have to rest at the site of grace, once you have to make your way towards the upside and then you have to take long walkway where you can take the help of Torrent to move fast.

Once you will reach the conclusion you will see a hill to your left that will take to down into a woodland region where you can find huge numbers of Ancestral Followers. And on defeating him you will be awarded Thin Beast Bones, Budding Horn, Dwelling Arrow, Fur Leggings.

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