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How To Get Royal Greatsword In Elden Ring




How To Get Royal Greatsword In Elden Ring

As the world of Elden Ring is huge and dangerous where you find mysterious places, dangerous enemies, lethal bosses, and powerful weapons that are very important things to progress in this dangerous and mystical land.

And to find a weapon you either need to complete a questline or have to kill a boss either it is optional or the main boss and sometimes with a bit of good luck, you can find a weapon while roaming in different places.

But here on this, we will page we will share information about a particular weapon that is Royal Greatsword, and in order to get this weapon, we first have to defeat Blaidd whom you will meet in the final part of the Ranni’s questline.

How To Get Royal Greatsword In Elden Ring

Royal Greatsword Stats

Let me first tell you the requirements to use this weapon, you will be needed at least 26 Str, 18 Dex, and 22 Int. And if we talk about the power of the weapon 112 Physical and 134 Fire attack power.

So once you make sure you have the required stats in order to use the weapons you need to reach Bloodhound Knight and after defeating him you will get access to Ranni’s Rise and  Cathedral of Manus Celes.

And now the important part here is complete the questlines and once done after investing so much effort and time it will be going to worth it as the weapon and armor you are going to get will really going to help you a lot.

Defeat Blaidd


So once we completed the questline and return we need to face Blaidd who will give us the items we are searching for once defeated Blaidd and you are not going to encounter a very tough fight there but make sure to make a good distance carefully counter slashing attacks, once he is done now it’s your time and you should give your best at that time.

So try to perform a jump attack to stagger him to give additional damage, other than that you can also go for the projectile while keeping a good distance and you will easily kill him. But if you want to make this fight much easier then you can also summon an ally to end the fight quickly.

After defeating Blaidd you can easily collect Royal Greatsword and Blaidd’s Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets.

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