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Elden Ring: How to Get Octopus Head



How To Get Octopus Head In Elden Ring?

Octopus Head is a very useful and fashionable Helms in Elden Ring. If you are looking for “How to get Octopus Head in Elden Ring” then you have landed in the right place. Here, we are going to share all the Information related to Octopus Head.

What is Octopus Head in Elden Ring?

Octopus Head is an attractive fashionable armor piece that you can work on the head for protection. This is a Helm that has a lingering warmth reminiscent of human skin. Octopus Head helps players to protect their heads by putting various defensive properties.

When you will equip Octopus Head then your appearance will also change. This is an individual piece and is not part of any set. The sell value of the Octopus head is 100 runes.

How To Get Octopus Head In Elden Ring?

Here’s the guide to getting Octopus Head In Elden Ring:

  • To obtain Octopus Head you need to kill Land Octopus.
  • You can find lots of land Octopus South of Saintsbridge of grace in a very small lake that is close to Alexander’s first encounter.
  • Apart from this, you can also face the Octopus at the Liurnia of Lakes near the Temple Quarter Site of Grace.
  • Any Land Octopi can drop Octopus Head helm, you need to strike most of them to get the head helm.

How to Equip Octopus Head?

How To Get Octopus Head In Elden Ring?

When you have obtained the Octopus Head helm then you go to the inventory section to equip it. The weight of the help is 3.6 and if we talk about the Physical damage then it’s 3.4.

That’s all we have covered about what is Octopus Head, how to get it and equip it. If you are searching for Elden Ring’s other guides then don’t forget to check out How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring & Types of Crossbows and Elden Ring Sentry Torch Location.

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