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How To Get Into Lennes Rise Elden Ring




How To Get Into Lennes Rise Elden Ring

Lennes Rise is the place in Elden Ring where players can get another memory stone and we have made this guide on how to get into the Lennes Rine Elden Ring so that you can have that another stone and can use the ability of the stone.

So to reach the Lennes Rise we first have to reach northeast of Dragonbarrow in the Caelid region where we will be able to find the Tower, so let’s start our journey from Bestial Sanctum and keep on leading towards the south.

And to reach the place we need to cross the stone bridge, east of the Farum Greatbridge. So if you have no idea how to reach Bestial Sanctum then you need to reach the Church of Marika in Limgrave where you need to interact with the portal that will teleport you directly to the front of the Bestial Sanctum.

For the rest of the path, I have already told you but one thing you should keep in your mind is that you will face many different enemies on your path kill them or simply bypass them with Torrent.

How To Get Into Lennes Rise Elden Ring

So after traveling the proper path and defeating some enemies you will reach the Lenne’s Rise Tower and you will find the tower is sealed with a magical barrier. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to break the magic but fortunately, I am here for you, so we will bypass the entrance entering the edifice for which we have two different ways that you can check below.

So in the first method, Torrent will help us and we have to make a Spiritspring Jump and have to reach the walkway near the staircase on the left side. The double jump can also be a great option to use that will make a better landing.

And now in the second method, we need to jump on the slanted rooftop and then slide on the right side to land on the balcony but this method is quite risky because of the visibility problem of the area.

So once you reach the tower you have to reach the top and there you can find the Elden Ring Memory Stone. That will going to add an extra Memory Slot to place their equipped Spells and Sorceries. Hope you get the answer but if you still have other questions then you can check other articles for the answer.

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