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How To Get Dung Eater Summon




How To Get Dung Eater Summon

Dung Eater can be great for us when he is on our side and that’s why the question is very important in Elden Ring? and here in our guide, we will share the complete information regarding your question on how to get dung eater summon.

So we need to progress through his questline and have to hand over Seluvis’s Potion to him in order to summon him, but before that let’s check a few other things, and then we will get to those things.

He has great potential and if Dung Eater is on your side it means you have great benefit during the combat as he holds the Sword of Milos, which imbued Shriek of Milos that is a great skill to have, other than that it weapon art also has the ability to reduce the defense and ailment resistance of opponents.

This means the player has the chance to activate the status effect and is able to deal more damage because of the damage negation reduction. Actually, that’s not enough and he also has the ability to inflict Bleed on its target and now you have the idea why having Dung Eater by one’s side can be very beneficial.

So unlocking him will be going to be a bit tricky and he needs to complete the questline of Dung Eater and Preceptor Seluvis. Other than you also have to find his real body in the Sewers. And the other requirements are 100th level and you should have defeated two Demigods.

How To Get Dung Eater Summon

Dung Eater Puppet Summon

So lets start our journey to make him our puppet and we first we need to head towards the Leyndell where we have to collect single Seedbed Curse and handover to the Dung Eater and he will give you Sewer-Gaol Key and that key can be used to open the cell within the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. So now visit the cell speak to him and then return to his room in Roundtable Hold (How To Unlock Roundtable Hold) where he will tell you to fight him at small moat section west of the Capital Rampart

Reach the place and defeat him that will earn you Greatsword, now you again return to him in his room in Roundtable Hold and finish his dialogue. Now visit the cell again and make sure he is tied to the chair.

Ranni’s questline

Ranni's questline

Now we need to start the Ranni’s questline for which we need to visit Ranni’s Rise and speak to her. Then need to talk to her assosiate’s and need to visit Seluvis’s Rise and talk to preceptor Seluvis in order to receive Seluvis’s potion.

Once you receive the position your task is to hand over the potion to Nepheli Loux but we will give the potion to Dung Eater in the cell. Then we will purchase all the Seluvis’s Sorceries and read his message.

Now we need to visit him again in order to receive a puppet and summon the received puppet and give it back to Seluvis and request for the another and he would sell the Dung Eater Puppet for 5 Starlight Shards in Elden Ring. And you are done now.

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