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How To Get Bull Goat Armor Elden Ring




How To Get Bull Goat Armor Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game of survival where you need to kill your enemies to survive in the game but at the same time you have to defend yourself so that you don’t get killed by your enemies and for that you need to have best of the best armor that has the ability to bear heavy attacks.

Having a great armor is not just enough you also need to have to learn the skill to fight with the armor. And in this guide we will share the complete information about one of the best armor that is Bull Goat Armor and also information regarding how to get Bull Goat Armor Elden Ring.

Although there are numbers of armors available in the game that give a boost to your defense but are they only able to handle low grade attacks and some are able to Buff the status effects. But there are some Armors that has the ability to handle any attack and Bull Goat is one of those Armor.

Magma Wyrm

So if you are one of those players who want to stay in your foot in a difficult fight then this armor is definitely for you but at the same time many advantages comes with few disadvantages and the drawback of this armor is you will not be able to move quickly because of its heavy weight. But if you get the skill to fight with the armor it will definitely going to give you a great boost in the game. And now let’s see how to get Bull Goat Armor in Elden Ring.

How To Get Bull Goat Armor Elden Ring

So to get the Bull Goat Armor players have to go through some tricky phases and then have to beat Great Horned Tragoth. So let’s what a players has to do to reach the boss who has the heavy armor with 170 Immunity, 197 Robustness, 110 Focus, 130 Vitality, and 100 Poise. So you need to start your journey towards the Murkwater Cave in Limgrave to open the chest. And there you witness a easy to defeat mini boss named patchesyou can defeat him without much difficulties. Don’t kill him rather choose “Forgive and Forget” dialogue option. Now you have to head towards the Volcano Manor and there meet patches to receive his quest after joining covenant.

defeat in order to get the Bull Goat Armor

Once you will join the covenant then you have to conversate with Tanith and after completing the assasination letter you need ask her about Lord Rykard and then again talk in order to receive and read the letter to patches and now you have head towards the Ruin-Strew Precipice.

So to reach the particular place players need to travel towards the northeast of Ravine Site of Grace in West Liurnia. So once you reach the place you witness Magma Wyrm mini-boss and you have to defeat his in order to get access to a new site of grace. Now you will see a red sign ahead of site of grace So that is the place where you will find Great Horned Tragoth and whom you have to defeat in order to get the Bull Goat Armor.

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